Date: Sept 02, 2018
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Honesty and simplicity characterize the innovative way to interpret the musical group

The musical group is originally from Uvalde, TX, composed of JAIME (James) ARREOLA / lead vocalist, bajo sexto and guitar, JUAN (Johnny) ARREOLA / vocals, keyboards, and accordion, JORGE ARREOLA / bass, and JULIO ARREOLA / drums, JESSE ARREOLA (QEPD), have succeeded in breaking all boundaries, conquering the United States and Mexico, making them a well established musical force, leaving their style and presence felt on every stage, forever memorable.

The Arreola brothers are four young men united in their passion for “music”. From the beginning, in the year 1986, under the guidance of their father, also a musician, the Arreola brothers demonstrated a humble yet natural artistic way of presenting their music on stage leaving you with an image of triumph.

Being such a young act, they named the group LOS TREMENDOS PEQUENOS, that would later be changed to LOS TEMENDOS DE JOHNNY ARREOLA, until they decided on the name LOS PALOMINOS.

In the year 1989, ARMANDO (Mando) LICHTENBERGER JR. and OSCAR DE LA ROSA, members of the group LA MAFIA, offered their support by producing a demo for LOS PALOMINOS. This demo would go on to open many doors of opportunity. This was the start of a new career, recognition from fans, the press, and their peers in the music world that would take them to a new level. They would come to receive many gold and platinum awards for their recordings and be nominated and win three GRAMMY’S.


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