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Date: Aug 30, 2019
Blevins fuses the funk/classic rock music of the 70’s, a hint of psych rock in their sound & still maintain the youthful pop element of todays music.
Brandon (19), Kevynn (18), and Dillon Blevins (17), are three brothers from Brackettville, Texas who are changing the world through their passion for music. Thebrothers began their career in their humble South Texas home of Brackettville where they spent their entire childhood discovering a love for creating music together by teaching themselves how to utilize the guitar, drums, bass, piano, harmonica, and vocals.

In 2011, the brothers started performing Texas Country music under the name “The Brackett Young Guns” for 4 years engaging a large following as they played countless shows all around South and Central Texas. During this time, the brothers got a feel for the live music scene in Texas. The reputable band independently released two singles over a 4 year timeline capturing the attention of younger and older audiences alike & getting some radio airplay along the way.

As the boys matured, so did their music and soon they came to realize that their true passion was for a more upbeat, rock n’ roll sound. This led them to rename the band to “Blevins” and begin their journey to creating a groovier more universal sound. After spending two semesters pursuing a Business Administration Degree at Texas State in San Marcos, lead singer and guitar player Brandon Blevins, concluded that his influence in San Marcos and beyond was greater through sharing music than in the classroom. Realizing the vast possibilities within the music scene of San Marcos and surrounding areas such as Austin, drummer Dillon, and bass player Kevynn left their parent’s house in Brackettville, Texas and moved to San Marcos immediately.

The Blevins brothers have gained much of their musical inspiration from artists like John Mayer, Tame Impala, Daft Punk, Pink Floyd, and countless blues players. Performing and recording both renditions of timeless upbeat songs and original music, the three brothers create a pulsing ambiance when they deliver their signature sound to the audience’s ears. The band fuses the funk & classic rock music of the 70’s, blues music and a hint of indie/psych rock in their sound while still maintaining the youthful pop element of todays musical climate and include their songwriting prowess every step of the way.

In August of 2017, Blevins released their debut single “Too Late To Come Down” on iTunes/Spotify which was well received by fans and critics alike. Blevins is currently working on their debut EP titled “New Now” which they plan to independently record, mix, master, produce, write, and release in December of 2017.
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