Raulito Navaira
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Raulito Navaira y Remedio

Date: Aug 31, 2019

A Star is born on February 10, 1968 in San Antonio, Texas…..Raulito Navaira. His father Emilio Navaira II, Mom Maria Navaira, sister Yvette and brother Emilio III were forever drawn to music in the home. Father Emilio bought musical instruments for his children, and he kept them busy by practicing as a family.

The Navaira's excelled in music programs at their school Harlandale ISD where they participated in many UIL Interscholastic competitions. During their youth, there were performances at the San Antonio Symphony and other opera tours. Sister Yvette was the first to act professionally with local Latino groups. She held Raulito’s hand tight as she brought him on stage to enjoy her music. It was during that time that Raulito was convinced that music was his future.

Sometime in 1983, Raulito’s brother Emilio III was offered a contract as lead singer for a popular group David Lee Garza and Los Musicales. Father Emilio approved as long as brother Raul could also be part of the band. Raul and his brother Emilio III were successful elements in this group for six years. It was during 1989, that Emilio III and Raulito decided it was time to go on their own, forming their band Emilio & Rio.

While Emilio III was the lead singer, Raulito’s function was as director, producer and composed. Emilio & Rio toured Mexico since 1992. They toured the USA with Alan Jackson in 1996 and with Clay Walker in 1997. Emilio & Rio had popular hits during this time like “Le Hare,” “Eclipse,” “No More Attention,” “Wheel of Fortune”.

Raulito shines on the international stage!

Raulito has partnered as a celebrity spokesperson for several distinguished groups in San Antonio; San Antonio’s World Car KIA at Spanish Language TV Group UNIVISION, Mission Pharmaceutical, Flexi-Shopping, Cevallos Insurance, Moore Texas Alamo Hats.

Raulito aired his first live program The Raulito Show in 2010 which took flight on six Texas markets on the Fox network. His second season in 2011, proved to be a huge success in the Hispanic community for his Spanglish format . He starts his third season in San Antonio, Texas, very soon.

In 2011, Raulito became a radio personality on Radio Jalapeño KEDA 1540am in San Antonio, Texas.

For many years, Raulito Navaira has been heard on the radio or seen on television every day for the last six years. He is very well-known in the Hispanic communities in the USA.

He continues to perform in the USA and in Mexico, recently gracing the stage to a sold-out concert in Monterrey, Mexico, joining world renowned performer Sting.

Currently, Raulito and his children Destiny and Rodrigo are on tour in the USA and Mexico as the newly formed Grupo Remedio. Grupo Remedio has been awarded 3 Tejano Music Awards. Best new female vocalist Destiny Navaira, best new male vocalist Rigo Navaira, best new group Grupo Remedio! Their new album creates sounds that are familiar to fans of Tejano music while bonding new traditions for many more generations to come.

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